The Borders Network of Landscape Conservation Groups exists to promote appreciation and protection of the unique and beautiful landscape and amenity of the Scottish Borders. We believe this is necessary because of their value to the economy, culture, recreation and ecology of the area, and to everyone who lives or works in the Borders, as well as to those who visit or invest in this special part of Scotland. 

The Network is a not-for-profit umbrella organisation of those groups across the Borders which share this purpose. It is a constituted body with no party political alignment, and includes among its membership conservation groups, amenity societies and non-statutory planning consultees. Its current focus is the lawful and rational consideration of wind energy development in the Scottish Borders. 



In fulfilling the above purpose the Network aims to:

1   promote communication and cooperation between member Groups; 

2   collectively represent all or several of member Groups, with their agreement, on occasions when joint communications with others are likely to be beneficial to more than one group; 

3   inform and influence Borders communities and their elected representatives at all levels of government; 

4   support and encourage elected representatives and public officials in the execution of their responsibilities relating to the preservation and protection of the Scottish Borders landscape; 

5   liaise with groups/networks adjacent to or outwith the Scottish Borders where that may be beneficial to the Network.